Desktop Client

Download the Nano Wallet

Universal Client
Source Code
Some of the many features of Nano Wallet:
  • Send XEM, mosiacs, and messages to any address/namespace
  • compatible with OSX, Windows, Linux, and more.
  • On-Chain Multisignature and Multi-User Accounts
  • Namespaces, Subdomains, and Mosaics
  • Apostille Notarization Service
  • Changelly Instant Exchange
  • New Voting Module has been added
  • Allows upgrading from NCC wallet

Mobile Wallet

Download the official NEM Android App or Iphone App.

Standalone Client

The standalone client is what you will want to run if you are trying to set up a supernode or a full node.

NIS/NCC Standalone (.tgz)

NIS/NCC Signature (.tgz)

Backup Client Resource

If you are having issues downloading from the links above, download them directly from our download page

Latest database download
NCC (Deprecated)

We suggest using Nanowallet.